Communicating Across Asia (1009IBA)

Intercultural competence has become increasingly significant as a result of global changes due to globalisation, new communication technologies, the movement of people across borders, including transnational jobs, tourism and immigration, international conflicts, the emergence of global economies and growth of international organisations. This course focuses on both the theory and the development of practical skills necessary to meet the challenges arising from the increasing cultural diversity shaping our workplace, education, and everyday lives. The approach adopted in this course is pragmatic, philosophical, ethical and interdisciplinary. More specifically, this course includes the examination of cultural values and symbols, contrasting communication styles, verbal and non-verbal communication, conflict management, and the significance of cultural diversity in various sectors including business, health and education. Understanding of key Intercultural Communication concepts and theories is reinforced by integrating them into practical class and assessment-based tasks designed to develop interpersonal communication skills. This practical component of the course also introduces key skills required in both academic and professional environments. This course is offered: Nathan: Trimester 1 Day Incompatible: 2015IBA OR 1009IBA (Communicating Across Cultures in Asia and Australia OR Communication and Functional skills)

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Credit points (awarded)

10 (10)

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Band 3

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Nathan Trimester 1

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Course start date
24 February 2020
Last date to add a course
8 March 2020
Last date to drop a course without financial penalty (Census date)
22 March 2020
Last date to drop a course without academic failure
26 April 2020

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Lecture (10420) Open Monday 12:00 - 13:50
Weeks 1 - 6, 7 - 12
N16 0.10
Macrossan Building
Nathan Campus
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Workshop (13793) Open Wednesday 13:00 - 14:50
Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
N53 -1.20
Willett Centre
Nathan Campus
Workshop (13792) Open Wednesday 10:00 - 11:50
Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
N76 1.04
Campus Heart Building
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