Sport Psychology (2085EDN)

Sport performance depends not just on athletes' physical and technical skills, but also on their mental or psychological skills. This course will help students as teachers, coaches, psychologists, or sport technologists to develop suitable psychological skills training programs, consider the psychological factors affecting children's performance and participation in sport, and work with athletes who have special needs.

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10 (10)

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2021: Arrangements apply

New students (Non-grandfathered students)
Band 1 - Postgraduate Clinical Psychology programs
Band 2 - Professional Pathway Psychology programs
Band 4 - All other programs

Grandfathered students
Band 1 - Postgraduate Clinical Psychology programs
Band 2A - All other programs
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Mt Gravatt Trimester 1Online Trimester 1

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Course start date
8 March 2021
Last date to add a course
21 March 2021
Last date to drop a course without financial penalty (Census date)
4 April 2021
Last date to drop a course without academic failure
9 May 2021
Pre 1567 B Education, 1014 B Psychology (Hons) or 1178 B Psychology (Hons)

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