Thailand Study Tour: Sex, Drugs, Violence and Imprisonment (3023CCJ)

This course involves two weeks overseas travel to Thailand including: Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Of specific focus will be issues pertaining to: 1) human rights, women's imprisonment and re-integration, 2) drug offending, rehabilitation and prevention, 3) the sex industry including sex tourism and human trafficking, 4) violence against women and children. It provides a wide range of in-country experiences including field visits to prisons, drug rehabilitation centres, domestic violence shelters, centres supporting sex workers, ex-inmate employment/skill development centres and the Doi Tung Development Project. Students will also undertake volunteer work and participate in a joint youth forum together with Thai university students at the Thailand Institute of Justice. The tour will provide students with an understanding of key crime and justice issues in Thailand while also learning about Thai people and their culture. Prerequisites: Students are required to have completed one or more of the following courses: 2007CCJ (Sociology of Crime), 2015CCJ (Gender, Crime and Justice) or 3016CCJ (Race, Crime and Justice). Enrolment in this course is by application only. Please email for an application form.

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