Work Integrated Learning II Part 2 (3222AFE_Y2)

This course allows students to complete a mix of internship and elective courses and cannot be done in conjunction with or in parallel to 3221AFE. As for 3221AFE, this course is conducted with students participating in one of two main streams: - Role-based placement in industry: In an individual student placement, a student undertakes a professional role in a financial services workplace. Students will couple the practical experience gained while on internship with critical reflection on industry practice and standards as part of their assessment. Students work in close liaison with their industry supervisor and Course Convenor throughout the placement. - Projectbased engagement with industry: Projects are sought from a range of industry and university partners that require students to plan, execute and report on the findings of a research project. Students are involved in a structured research project with industry application under the guidance of the Course Convenor. NOTE: Enrolment in this course is restricted. Students must have completed a minimum 130CP and have a GPA of at least 5.5. Students who meet these requirements are not automatically enrolled in the course. Recruitment processes, including interviews with industry partners, may be used to assess suitability for this course. Incompatible: 3221AFE_P1, 3221AFE_P2, 3221AFE_P3 and 3221AFE_P4

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10 (20)

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Band 4

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Band 3A

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8 March 2021
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21 March 2021
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4 April 2021
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9 May 2021

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