Muslim World Study Tour (3610LHS)

This course involves one month overseas travel to three countries of significance to Islamic civilisation (Turkey, Bosnia and Malaysia). It provides a wide range of in-country experiences including tours of mosques, museums, historical sites, markets and other places of social, cultural and historic significance. We will also be meeting with scholars and students as well as a range of other locals in order to gain a better understanding of the people and cultures of Turkey, Bosnia and Malaysia. Of specific focus will be the place of Islam in the lives of people and the role it plays within the societies we visit. NOTE: This course is suitable for students who have successfully completed 1603LHS (Islam in the Modern World) and 80 credit points of their undergraduate degree.

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10 (10)

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New students (Non-grandfathered students)
Band 4

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Band 2A

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Nathan Trimester 3

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