Music Industry Internship (WIL) B (3732QCM)

The Music Industry Internship is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) course that provides final year students with an opportunity to apply their skills in an industry work placement in host organisations where they will work at least 60 hours during the course. Placements may be intensive or take a longer form such as one day per week over a period of weeks. Students are placed in organisations after an assessment of their interests, skills and post-graduation employment aims. Host organisation staff are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of students with the University providing training and support. In addition to the placements students are required to attend a series of seminars and to complete a final report. Students will be attached to a host organisation through which they will negotiate and develop their project proposal. Internships may be in the areas of broadcast, event planning, marketing, education, recording studio operation, sound reinforcement or film industry. During placements students will reflect on career planning strategies and further develop their career portfolio. Students will complete their internships under the direction of both a Workplace Supervisor and a University Academic Supervisor. Note: This is a Consent course. Students will be not be able to enrol online until the Course Convenor has approved and allocated internship places. PRE-REQUISITES: Permission of Course Convenor. INCOMPATIBLES: No student may take more than 20CP of Music Industry Internship courses in any one year, or more than 30CP in their degree program.

Course study information

Credit points (awarded)

10 (10)

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New students (Non-grandfathered students)
Band 2

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Band 2A

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