Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals (3977NRS)

This course prepares professional nurses to understand and participate in the governance and management that is a fundamental aspect of health service provision. It has been designed to meet the needs of students wishing to develop and expand their knowledge and skills in nursing leadership and management including professional judgement, critical thinking and intelligent decision-making in a variety of managerial and leadership circumstances. Students will also gain an understanding of quality and safety as it applies to the role of the Registered Nurse.

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10 (10)

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New students (Non-grandfathered students)
Band 4

Grandfathered students
Band 3A

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Offered Only in Odd YearsOffshore Trimester 1Offshore Trimester 2

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Course start date
8 March 2021
Last date to add a course
21 March 2021
Last date to drop a course without financial penalty (Census date)
4 April 2021
Last date to drop a course without academic failure
9 May 2021
Restriction: Student must be in program 1251 Bachelor of Nursing (Offshore)

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Class (17116) Open Weeks 1 - 4, Mid-Trimester Break, 5 - Exam week This is a non-timetabled class. Please refer to the course profile for further information.