Honours Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics (6304NSC)

This course covers advanced statistical mechanics and topics in condensed matter physics of relevance to current research. Revision of equilibrium microcanonical, canonical and grand ensembles; information theoretic approach; quantum statistics and Bose condensation; interacting systems; perturbation theory, normal modes, mean field theory; ferromagnetism; kinetic theory and hydrodynamics; density matrix; Kubo time-dependent quantum-statistical linear response theory; fluctuation-dissipation theorem; master equation; advanced topics in condensed matter physics that may vary from year to year.

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10 (10)

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Band 2

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Nathan Semester 2

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18 July 2022
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31 July 2022
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15 August 2022
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18 September 2022
Restriction: Student must be enrolled in one of the following programs: 1330 BSc Advanced Hons (Physics), 2112 B Science with Honours (Physics)

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