Why choose this program?

OP 1 to 6 Guarantee

If you receive an OP 1-6 or equivalent and meet subject prerequisites, you're guaranteed a place in this program.

You will study the national key learning areas in school teaching, the disciplines that form the basis of learning and teaching, and elective courses.

You'll go off campus to schools to develop your practical teaching skills, and become competent and confident in classroom teaching. Your training will also enable you to consider other occupations where planning and organising ability, empathy, communication and highly developed social skills are required.

As an option to your training as a primary school teacher you may apply to study a specialisation in third and fourth years provided you meet the academic requirements. You may use the electives to undertake a specialisation. Students completing one of the specialisations - study a set sequence of courses in third and fourth years. The current offering of the specialisations at Mt Gravatt include:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Middle Schooling
  • Music Education