Why choose this program?

OP 1 to 6 Guarantee

If you receive an OP 1-6 or equivalent and meet subject prerequisites, you are guaranteed a place in this program.

This program will enable students to take advantage of professional creative opportunities, not only on the Gold Coast, but nationally and internationally. It offers students rich opportunities to broaden and improve their employment prospects, through cross-study and specialisation in digital design, 3D design, photo media, studio art and graphic design.

Students have the flexibility to undertake an Award Major within the degree (80 credit points) and to choose an elective major (60 credit points) or 40 credit points of free choice elective courses from another area of the degree or from other schools within the University. If students do not choose to undertake 60 credit points towards an Elective Major, they can take 40 credit points of unrelated electives. Students will no longer need to cluster these into specialisations as this was found to be too restrictive and antithesis to the flexibility of the degree.

During their first year students study core courses which address basic skills and knowledge as well as undertaking a Studio Foundation component in which students become competent in the basic skill of their Award Major. In second semester they also have the flexibility to choose an elective major in another area.

Continuing through second and third year students will become professionally competent in an Award Major.

The Award Majors include:

  • 3D Design
  • Digital Design
  • Photo Media
  • Studio Art
  • Graphic Design

The Elective Majors include:

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Drawing