About this program

This program has been withdrawn for commencing (new) students.

Students currently enrolled in this program (continuing students) will be able to complete their studies and graduate with this award.

The RHD Qualifying Program provides an alternative route for entry into a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program for applicants who do not possess the required qualifications for admission. On successful completion of the program, students may be granted admission to a MPhil or PhD candidature subject to fulfilment of requirements for candidature as specified in the Higher Degree Research policy and successful completion of the confirmation procedure. The grade achieved will determine entry to either a PhD or MPhil candidature.

The RHD Qualifying Program does not constitute a degree program and does not lead to the award of a degree in its own right.

The relevant University Element will be responsible for the overall supervision of the RHD student and the monitoring of their progress throughout the RHD Qualifying Program.