About this program

This program has been withdrawn and will not be available for commencing (new) students after Semester 2-2014.

Students currently enrolled in this program (continuing students) will be able to complete their studies and graduate with this award.

Prospective (future) students interested in this area are referred to the Master of Information Technology (5612)

Information technology affects all aspects of modern life and there is a worldwide shortage of information technology professionals. Its applications now include, not only commerce and science, but also health, education, engineering, transport, government, entertainment, sport, and social networking. It has become so complex that only well-educated professionals are capable of developing and applying information technology systems in modern organisations. Even professionals in other disciplines need a sound understanding of information technology to perform their own jobs efficiently and effectively.

This program provides a comprehensive, modern postgraduate education in the principles and practice of information technology, with an emphasis on one of the following specialisations:

  • Data Management (Nathan and Gold Coast)
  • Enterprise Architecture (Nathan)
  • eServices (including the study of eCommerce) (Nathan)
  • Information Services (Nathan)
  • Networking and Security (Gold Coast)
  • Software Development (Nathan and Gold Coast)